Mesh Laundry Bags 6-Pack Medium 16 x 12 Inch Laundry Wash Bag Colorful Zipper for Delicates, Blouse, Hosiery, Stocking, Underwear, Bra Lingerie, Sweater, Travel Storage Bag


Selling Point

  • Set of 6, Medium size 16x12 inch - This size is just fine for your sweaters, jeans or pants, At the same time, it's good for your family members to have their own bags. For better washing efficiency, we do not recommend over 80% of space occupation while washing.
  • Breathable and reusable polyester - These wash bags are made of strong, durable, breathable polyester fiber material which is lightweight, portable, and reusable, definitely tough enough for long term use. Soap and water flow easily through the mesh for optimal cleaning.
  • Premium rust-free zipper and handy zipper elastic band cover assorted with different colors - Protect the zipper from damage or from opening in the middle of a wash cycle. Remember to tuck the zipper pull inside the flap to prevent the bag from opening while in the washer or dryer.
  • Multi-purpose - It's perfect for packing your clothes,when you go camping with friends, traveling. See through mesh makes it easy to separate your clothes to avoid embarrassment. This also makes security checks at the airport quick and convenient. As for storing, you can easily sort all your clothes as your preference or tidy up your closet. It's even a perfect helper on moving day.
  • Buy with confidence - We are committed to provide best products and service for you. Any questions please contact us,if you are not fully satisfied with your laundry bags purchase.
Set of 6, 16 x 12 Inch Mesh Laundry Bags with Zip Lock - for Laundry, Blouse, Hosiery, Stocking, Underwear, Bra and Lingerie, Travel Laundry Bag.

These smart wash bags are best gifts for family members and friends!

Laundry bags specification
Material: 100% Polyester 
Color: White mesh with 3 colors zipper (Blue, green, pink)
Size: 16 x 12 (H x W)
Function: Protect delicates, extend the life of lingerie, hosiery, intimates, besides, get rids of your worries about tangling ,snagging.

- When your clothes are tangled easily, you want to separate them.
- When your family members want to wash their clothes at the same time and you want to separate their clothes quickly.
- When you are about to have a trip, and you want to save space in your backpack.
- You can solve all above problem with the help of our mesh laundry bags.

Package includes
6 x Medium 16 x 12 inch (40 x 30cm) laundry bags 
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