Dishwasher Magnet 3.5 Inch Clean Dirty Sign Double Sided Magnet Round Reversible Magnetic Funny Design Indicator with Magnetic Plate


Selling Point

  • FUNNY DESIGN: Are you feeling tired of answer the question of "if the dishwasher are dirty or clean"? If yes, here is the solution. Our round magnet has two sides. One side unhappy dog face - tells you that dishes are Dirty. Flip to another lovely dog side when the dishwasher is started. So easy and funny! Just flip the reminder magnet.
  • DURABLE MAGNET: Our dishwasher magnet are highly durable and could be used for a long time. The magnet Dia 3.5 inch, it's flexible and water resistant. Meanwhile, unlike the traditional hard magnet, our product would not scratch your dishwasher. It is safety enough to your machine.
  • PERFECT DECORATION: Our stylish dishwasher sign is made from sturdy, yet lightweight material featuring an elegant yet classy font sure to match any décor. This Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet is the perfect addition to your kitchen’s decor! Not only is it cute–but functional as well!
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST OF SURFACE: Not all dishwasher are magnetic. So the magnetic plate comes. The front side is magnetic and the back side is adhesive. You could stick the plate on dishwasher and put the dishwasher magnet on magnetic plate. Yes, this makes our product works perfect for all dishwasher.
  • CUTE GIFT: No one would deny the benefit from the convenient dishwasher magnet making it an excellent gift idea in your life. Simple and easy to use, makes for a unique gift to give to friends or family.
Funny Double Side Dishwasher Magnet
- Our dishwasher magnet is double side design. Super easy to use, just flip over it to choose "Clean" or "dirty".
- Large size. Everybody could see it clearly even if far away.

Double Side Dishwasher Magnet specification:

Material: Soft magnet
Size: Dishwasher magnet Dia 3.5inch
Color: Blue and gray

- The dishwasher magnet clean-dirty sign indicator has resolved the confusion of either the dishes are clean or not.
- Our clean-dirty dishwasher magnet is extremely easy to install and attach. Its powerful and strong magnet is scratch-proof and firmly attaches to the dishwasher surface.
- The dishwasher magnet indicator is high quality, water-proof and dishwasher safe.
Let us be partners in your life!

Package includes:
1 Pack Double side dishwasher magnet with Bonus magnetic Plate
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