12-Pack Silicone Tips Reusable Straw Tips Multicolored Stainless Steel Straws Cover with 24Pcs Anti-slip Silencers for 1/4’’ (6mm) Wide Stainless Steel Drinking Straws


Selling Point

  • SOFT SILICONE PROTECT YOUR TEETH: Made of food grade silicone, Eco-friendly and BPA-Free. Protect your teeth, lips and palate from the hard steel straws. Colored silicone straw tips let you sip in comfort and safety, with no concerns about harsh hot or cold shocks, giving you a more pleasant drinking experience. Feel free to enjoy all types of drinks.
  • FITS FOR DIA 6MM METAL STRAW: Fits 6mm(0.24") stainless steel straw for 20oz and 30oz tumblers/mugs. Very easy to clean and use. Comes with 6 colors( Red, Rose, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue ), so you can quickly recognize which drink is yours.
  • AWAY FROM METALLIC TASTE: Avoid metallic taste and more safer for the people who likes stainless steel straws but doesn't like the metallic taste, silicone tip's cover makes your mouth no need to contact metal directly, keep away from the taste. And doesn't need to worry about hurting your lips and teeth, it’s more safer, especially for children, drivers.
  • ELIMINATE METAL FRICTION NOISE: These straw tips comes with straw silencers, it can secure your stainless steel straws to your tumbler lid to stop the irritating rattling noises while enjoying drinking. Beside, it also can keep it silence while your are driving, biking, or hiking.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We are committed to provide best products and services for you. Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, if you are not fully satisfied with your reusable silicone straw tip’s purchase.
12Pcs Straw Tips with 24Pcs Straw Tips’ Holder Set
12Pcs food grade silicone straw tips with 24Pcs straws holder - for 6mm diameter (0.24inch) stainless steel straws. 6mm is the most common size for reusable metal straws.

6 Colors (Red, Rose, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue)
Now you can have different colored drinkware for family members. With six colors to choose from, everyone in the house gets to pick their favorite. And confusing situations will not happen again!

No Annoying Rattling
If you love the metal straw but you are tired of the annoying noise while the stainless steel straw scratch your cup, this silencer would be a good solution for you. Just need to add a silencer to each side of your cup lid and banish the rattle, then you will feel the world it's better again.

Material: Soft Food Grade Silicone
Colors: Red, Rose, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue 
Size: Dia 6mm(0.24")
Soft touch for children, safe and comfortable. 
Perfect for reusable straws

Package includes:
12Pcs silicone tips and 24pcs silicone straws silencers, 6 colors
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